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Ukrainian refugee reception

Italy is organizing itself and many citizens are organizing itself because it is estimated that 200,000 refugees from Ukraine will arrive in the first few days alone. Numbers destined to grow substantially. The ambassador estimates that at least 5,000,000 refugees are now fleeing and this number is also destined to rise especially if there is no de-escalation of the ongoing war. Italy is destined to welcome 13% of refugees on the run, this means that private help will be needed. Hence the help-us idea of creating databases that can be useful to the authorities for the reception of refugees. We ask all citizens who have the availability of accommodation to make their data available so that they will eventually be contacted by the competent authorities.

The initiatives in progress

There are many associations that have been activated often but there is mistrust in giving and not knowing where exactly our money is going, help-us does not want to raise funds at the moment but to give concrete help to refugees.

Many private initiatives such as that of Stefano dell’Aspo from Aviano who inspired us in this initiative see people directly in the field to help refugees, Stefano in fact financed in out-of-pocket expenses by a Swiss benefactor has organized trips with vans and couriers that go directly on site to help refugees. We were able to personally verify his work and we decided to help him with the creation of this site, in particular the idea of collecting a database of interpreters to contact when necessary.